Torco SR-4 Synthetic Motor Oil

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Torco SR-4 is a 100% Synthetic Motor Oil designed for severe operating conditions. SR-4 offers a high level of performance and protection for high performance engines utilizing gasoline, diesel and LPG. Utilizes a PAO and Ester base oil system that offers extreme temperature lubrication and thermal stable technology. This combination of base oil chemistry and Torco's exclusive MPZ® Generation 2 additive system minimizes frictional losses resulting in more horsepower and torque output. SR-4 contains additional antioxidants and lubricity agents to eliminate dryness produced by E85, LPG and other alternative fuels. SR-4 also provides a high TBN to neutralize acids produced by diesel fuels that contain high levels of sulfur. SR-4 provides unequaled protection of vital engine components including cylinder walls, pistons, rings, camshafts, valvetrain and bearings. SR-4 is Catalytic Converter Safe. Available in 5W20, 5W30 and 5W40.

Features & Benefits

- Group IV/V 100% Synthetic Formulas
- Maximizes horsepower & torque output by as much as 4%
- Reduces engine temperatures
- Highest level of engine protection
- Meets or Exceeds API performance requirements. Intended for racing applications.